Who am i?

The days to finally address the question have come. Who am i?

All the years of your life lead up to this question. But what if i don’t know who i am even after all this time? How can you sum up your whole existence just under one heading? Add the title to your story. What if my story isn’t as interesting as yours? Or anyone’s for that matter? How do i get people to read about me? To find out that i’m pretty interesting too…all i have to do is find that spark that makes me ME!

‘Think of what you would like to be doing in 10 years’ time?’ I. Don’t. Know.

How does one know? What if what i decide changes along the way? Then what?

All i know for sure is that i want to make a difference. But, don’t all of us want that? How do i set myself apart from everyone?

What if i don’t have a defining moment in my life? At least one that makes a difference…

How does one find them self?


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