a love letter…to myself…to you…

You’re not alone,

I’ve been pushed around and I’ve fallen down on many accounts. I’m not a stranger to bruises; trust me I cringe at the sight of them. The pain is familiar and somehow whenever I get back up from the ground, life pushes something else my way. And it hurts far worse!

What exactly has this life promised us? That if we work hard we’ll get where we want to be. That there is always a silver lining or that the grass is always greener on the other side. But has it really given us a reason to believe in all that? If you’re wondering what the answer to that is, I don’t know myself.

The truth is: life has it out for us. It will always have it out for us. But that’s not what it’s trying to do. I’ve met life and she said that there is a reason behind her actions. What she does is for our own benefit. She’ll kick us, bring us pain, and show us that maybe living is not worth it at all. But behind all her actions there is that hidden meaning. You know how they say, ‘you make a mistake, you’ll never make it again,’ it’s TRUE!

Life is mean. But life is good. She will trap us in this impenetrable bubble but make a small crack on the ceiling. This crack is the only way out. We break through that crack…we break down the barriers of life and prove to ourselves and her that we are stronger than she thinks. That it’ll take more than impenetrable bubbles to keep us locked in.

So, stay strong. You aren’t alone. We’re all fighting against LIFE.



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