some dreams are

Some dreams are

Destined to be broken

Irreparable to the core

Some dreams are

Never meant to be

No matter how hard to try to make them come true

Such is my dream

One that I am now ready to toss out the window

But not now

Not today

Not tomorrow

It’s hard

How do you throw away something that meant the world to you?

Passion brims atop the glass

Fizzing and splotching down the sides

The bubbles swim to the surface

The air is welcoming

Their 1 second life’s worth

I want to be that bubble

Floating into the air in ecstasy

Fulfillment and satisfaction

That my dream finally came true

I’m lost

A knife wrenched into my gut

Someone pulled apart my heart

Not satisfied with the tear down the middle

Only to tear at it with teeth

The criss cross won’t be able to sew me up again

How do i survive this?

I preach strength and courage to friends

I preach standing up to your beliefs

If they implement it, i don’t know

But after months of struggle

It’s finally over

They’ve made their decision

Never mind what mine might have been

I rely on them

And my choice in the matter…doesn’t exist

Now i look somewhere else

The contours of my life uncertain

Their swiggles

No straight line in the horizon

Because some dreams are meant to be broken




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