No, it wasn’t a nectar of sorts but something completely different. Almost heavenly.


People might ask me one day, “To every country you have been, what do you associate it with? Something that instantly makes you remember it?” Although I have been to quite a few places and I haven’t given it much thought. There is one place that rings in my mind no matter what. And i know for sure what i will associate the memory of the place with. Maybe because i only recently went there, but when i think of Mulberries i instantly remember Turkey.

It was in Turkey that i ate mulberries. Never before had i set my sight on such an exquisite fruit. 

The violet hue

Of royalty and wealth

It was something new and because i love berries far more than any other fruit i fell in love with it.

Sweet and sour

Mixed in one

In a bunch there was a choice between sweet and sour. They looked the same and so you didn’t quite know which one was which. So, every piece was a surprise on its own.

Pressed together

It burst in your mouth

A tsunami of flavour

Washing away everything else

Soft to the touch

Delicate and fragile

I can feel the juice going down my throat. Of my lips turning blue-ish red. Of my tongue licking away every drop from inside my mouth, making sure to leave no man behind. My body convulsed at the sour taste and cried out in ecstasy at the sweetness of it. No, it wasn’t a nectar of sorts but something completely different. Almost heavenly. 

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