Dear You,


Dear You,

I know there have been times when you’ve felt un-loved, ugly and just downright invisible. But there is something you need to know. You are none of those things. Within you is a voice fiercer than a lion’s roar that speaks of love and rights and the brighter things of life. If they don’t love you, then they don’t deserve you. You are quiet and reserved but because you have untold stories that you save for those that matter. So what if you’re not that loud individual that has the attention of people in the palm of their hands, you are your own person. Your own you. You are gorgeous and those who don’t see it are blind. Your beauty resonates from every inch of your skin and bursts from within you. And that my friend is all that matters.

You are the pink hue in the sunrise that encompasses everyone’s attention and leaves them in awe. You are the green in the sky that one has a hard time capturing. You are a book of untold stories just waiting to be read. Exclusive to only those who take the time out to pick you up, flip the pages of your life and make a genuine effort to know who you are. And if they don’t, then sweetie, don’t waste your tears on them. They were never worth them. Remember, they only make you a stronger and wiser person. You just know after a while who is worth it or not and that is all that matters.

You have dreams, they scream. Louder than a baby’s first cry. Louder than thunder in a storm. Respect. They respect you. And they trust you. And they come to you. Your smile is something they yearn to see because it brings forth with it a brighter day. She said your smile stops them in their tracks. You’ve never seen it, but you take her word for it. And that is all that matters.

                                                                                                                        Love, Me.


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