Moo Moo Milk Man Have you any Milk Yes sir, yes sir 3 Bags full


Moo Moo Milk Man

Have  you any Milk

Yes sir, yes sir

3 Bags full

I know when this month begins, because my dad carries in 3 bags of milk with him. And it isn’t just ordinary milk. Nope. Its sweetened to core and what swims in is jello. Yes, lots and lots of jello. While the thought of jello excites, the mixture of it in milk – not so much. Where does this come from? Why does my dad bring this home? Excellent questions, with sort of simple answers. It’s over at my grandfather’s house that this milk contraption is made in abundance. To be distributed within the family and maybe outside (not quite sure) and apparently according to my dad we HAVE to drink it. I still have no idea why. And the last question – he apparently enjoys it OR claims to enjoy it. I just know he won’t have more than one glass, AT ALL!

So, this lovely concoction was placed on my bedside, while i was trying to study ( mind you parents, you’re good at disturbing me while i study…and then you berate me about not studying…hmm) and was politely told to drink. Obviously my nose smelt the drink before it even entered the vicinity that i call my humble abode and familiar memories of the sickly sweet taste of it were rejuvenated. I mentally cringed, because there was no way i was going cringe while my father was in the room as it would only lead to one of many lectures about food.

When i said no, he said it better be finished and how it was important that i drank it ALL. So, i did. Gulped it down. Choked. Then gulped some more. All the while hoping that i didn’t puke. I can feel the bits of jello floating in my stomach, bumping against each other.

Note to self: MAKE THE REMAINING BAGS OF MILK DISAPPEAR! Stealth very much needed.


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