Tired 2.0


I could use a fairy godmother
Right about now…
Anytime please
I’m waiting

I’m tired
My brain hurts
My shoulders droop from all the stress
How much longer before i combust for good?

A break
Not the breakdown i’m anticipating any day now
But the good, fun kind
Just away from home, from family, from school

I’m starting to think
Been doing that a lot
More than usual, actually
That this year isn’t exactly starting off great *foreshadowing, maybe*

And then this country
This city
Always manages to contradict its plans with mine

I need to take a breather
A long hibernation
Laugh till my insides hurt
Haven’t really done that without thinking about other things

My migraines
Could be hereditary (they actually are without a doubt)
Or caused by stress
That everyone fails to understand

Why do words define everything?
Why won’t they just look at me and see?
I don’t want to convey it to them
They should understand!

Tears they ignore
Quite blatantly
I need a change
A vacation
A long never-ending, vacation.


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