The World Needs More Love Letters

TEDatNewYork_1208_IMG_2631_1920 (Photo credit: TED Conference)

Last year, I was inspired in the best possible way. I came across something (never quite understood how that happens, still) that completely changed me. It was something that I loved doing, but in a quirky and true-to-life way.

Hannah Brencher

And I was lucky enough, to not only get to be a part of something so awesome, but one of the letters I penned was in the video (in the beginning)!

The World Needs More Love Letters




Pen penetrates paper

The words flow effortlessly

Paving poetry

Words of wisdom

Never mind the fact that we haven’t quite finished living

Tucked away

Under nooks and crannies

Coffee tables

Park benches

Signed with love for

Unsuspecting strangers

They smile

They cry

And then they give back

It’s a circle


Filled with words of love

We’re giving back

Changing the world

Making it a better place

One love letter at a time


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