I Love You…


Three words

Eight letters

So easy

Yet so complex

Swarming around me

Like incessant flies

That can’t take a hint

The word itself may appear to be nothing

Like the chocolate I eat today

But the power it holds remains forever

Or for at least some time

To each his own

Those words can either be a burden

The bricks balanced on our shoulders

Or they can be as sweet as honey

Laden in warm water

That mama gives me whenever my voice fails me

But at least I know she doesn’t fail me

That is love

When she scolds and she screams

But comes at night with regret and grief

Kissing me goodnight

Telling me she loves me

I can kiss and I can surely hug

But what bothers me are those three words

The haunt me

Like the ghosts of my past

Making me look over my shoulder at every interval

Or maybe I’m afraid

Afraid of something even I don’t understand

Those words I cannot utter

Even though I try to reply

Its love I tell you

I accept it and return it

But not in words

Only in my heart

Your love is what keeps me going

Keeps me thinking about every move I make

Keeps me smiling

Even if some consider me too serious

But I try…


Even if life isn’t easy

And while I try to make lemonade

Remembering how easy it was for you

And how difficult it was for me

I know that as I grow with each passing second

Those words will leave my mouth some day

I too will taste the bittersweet flavor of the words

And that is love

The rivers that flow down my face

Hugging myself for warmth

Remembering your cold fingers

That smell I can’t describe

Of cumin and something old

The way I lay next to you every Friday afternoon

How our breathing leveled together

That is love

The fact that I still haven’t moved on

The truth is hard to accept

Because you were so eternal

And I expected you to stick around

At least till I graduated

Why do I fool myself?

Thinking I know

Know what love is

The way it tastes

The way it smells

Why it burns

Why we yearn

I’ll scream ‘I LOVE YOU’

From the tallest building

From the highest mountain

From the deepest ocean

Only to realise before the words leave my mouth

I don’t know what they mean


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