The tears fall down her face
She wonders what it was this time
Crybaby they whisper
Which makes her wail louder
And hide behind her mother
Smirks carefully placed upon their faces
Amusement at the sight of her
Blotchy face
Running nose
Scarlet cheeks
And tear stained face
To her she is a crybaby

Today she stand in front of the mirror
Eyes red and puffy
Everything else unrecognizable
How did i get here she thinks
She doesn’t cry anymore in front of them
Her solace the isolation of her bedroom
Where she without hesitation can let go
She shows her tears to a select few
Who she knows won’t snicker at her expense
But help her wipe those worries away
Crybaby chose to be strong for those who need an excuse
To call her names and render her a recluse

She still hurts
She still tears up
But not in front of them
For they don’t care
They laughed at her expense
And when the tear ducts had dried up
For a few years
They didn’t what to do with themselves
For she was their daily entertainment
Free of charge
A never ending soap opera
But she said enough
Why should i change for them?
Why should i bottle up hurt
And toss it away into a sea of forgotten emotions
They don’t dictate who i am
It’s my birthday and i’ll cry if i want to


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