When a fight becomes bigger than your friendship, what does that imply? When you leave on one of the most important days of your friend’s life. How does that reflect on you and your friendship?

I begged you




To come downstairs

To be there for her

But you couldn’t give a damn

Now I get these feelings…that what we had is falling apart. And even after what you did she asks me if she should apologize. I want to tell her no. But I’m conflicted as well. You shouldn’t have left.

I cried

At the whole situation

It was unfair to her

That the best friend she loved

Found it in herself

To walk out

Just like that

And I’m sorry to say, but my doubts are overpowering me. You have lost all respect in the eyes of everyone. You were going to almost ruin her day, but I hid the fact that you walked out. But then I couldn’t anymore, and I had to tell her.

That the friend she loved like a sister

Found throwing a tantrum

Worth her time

But giving her friend a smile

Not so much

You could have argued and fought later

Because yesterday was HER day

And you almost ruined it. Selfish. And when I look at the situation now, pathetic. That you fell so low. Found it within yourself to treat her like that. I’m sorry that I came to beg. Sorry that you had to hear my voice because if you couldn’t come down even after that…then I’m afraid you already know the answer to that.


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