Catching Up on the Weekend


After the much hectic week, i always always welcome to weekend with open arms. Pull it in and squeeze every fibre of relaxation into to me. Its bursts into a spectrum of colours, passing through me without effort and making every inch of my body glow.


Something i don’t get enough off during the week. My body wants the shut down half the time but my brain refuses. On the weekend my body decides to press the mute button of my brain. And i always fall asleep. Never mind what i need to complete for Monday. Right now, in this moment i am free.

Lounge around.

Everything and i do mean everything has to wait till Sunday night. I don’t care because my body officially goes on vacation mode every Friday night. I put on my bathing suit, my sunglasses perched over my nose, the warm summer breeze blowing at me from the fan above, a seashell pressed at my ear and a cocktail in my hand.

And tomorrow just happens to be Monday.


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