One Cloud Left


My life is dangling by a single thread

Pull too hard and it’ll come apart

Tear at the seams

And putting it back together will be impossible

A small piece becomes useless

Its shelf life over

Either it’s swept away by the wind

Or trampled on by the dozens of feet

But thing is for sure

That life is over

You can’t sew back anything together with that useless piece of thread

That lone piece that no longer fits anywhere

Twirling it in your fingers is like holding onto lost hope

Broken hope

Carrying on for only so long even though you know the answer

That thread is like the last cloud in the sky

Before the sun decides that it no longer it needs it anymore

And just like that it disintegrates

The rays separating right through

So that losing itself into smaller indefinable particles becomes inevitable

That last cloud

That last thread

Is a reminder

A haunting of what could never be

Could never be achieved

A tease

Baring it all

When baring nothing at all

Until it’s over


That last cloud

That one cloud left in the sky

Was my only hope

But like every other hope

It too seems to be leaving

Onto more formidable grounds

To someone who will prove to be beneficial and worthy

You see it too has lost hope

That thread and cloud

Has lost hope in me



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