Dear Time,

Slow down. Seriously, slow down. I’m not ready.

I know i said that i wish i could just grow up, but you need to understand. The fact that i was a child then, should make all the difference. I didn’t know what exactly i was asking for. The ticking clock scares me.





That is all it ever does. Other than flying by like there is no tomorrow. Is there a tomorrow?

You always end up leaving me at a crossroads, with just not enough time. So little time that making a decision becomes impossible. And then i need to jump & move forward & move backward all at the same time.

Roll the dice. You end up moving. Then you end up going back.

Something is going to happen. I know it is. And i know you know what exactly it is. Just give me time. To decide & prepare a contingency & then fall on that safety net.

The anxiety. The stress. Is too much. Just tell me. Why are you in such a hurry? Can i please take back my wish? Send me away to Neverland. I know they cheat you there. Why can’t i cheat you here?

I can’t even run away. Because wherever i turn i find you. Mocking & Scaring & Smiling & Knowing. That at the end of the day it all comes down to you. You.

You have my planner. My schedule. And you tweak it & tweak it. Till you know that time is up and i have to make a choice. But you also know i hate making choices. Decisions and I don’t exactly mix. Water and oil. Completely separate entities. Then why do you mix? Why do you continuously challenge? Knowing that we try& fail at the same time.

Maybe. Someday. I hope. You realise what exactly you did to me. How much you inflicted on me.



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