At Odds


In the fervor of yesterday…We.Are.At.Odds.

I haven’t quite understood why. All i know is that rage speaks louder than a bomb. Courses through my veins. And all i see. All i want to see is RED.

She hurt me.

Pain so permanent, like the ink on my skin.

Broke my bones in an alley fight.

Left me there to die.

He made me cry.

Never before have i so.

My mascara flowed down my face.

Tears black, just as he prophesied.

Her heart is black.

Like lungs damaged beyond repair.


Rotting away.

He called me out on my secrets.

Reserved only for his ears.

He said he wouldn’t pass judgement.

Guess, i was just stupid.

Her smile.

Brought a smile to my face.

Filled up the whole room, cliche shit.

I hated that about her.

His hugs were warm.

Boiler room warm.

Peel away your skin hot.

I didn’t enjoy them.

She has a slight lisp.

It made me look at her lips.

Annoyed me, all the time.

She thought i wanted to kiss.

He craved my kisses.

All the time.

His eyes always found them.

It was like everything was purely physical.

I knew she would pull a stunt like that.

She wants remorse.

She wants pity.

Claiming i cheated.

Of course, he cheated.

I always have to clear up.

They always have a hard time accepting it.

Golden boy, and all.

Shit, she looks hot.

Even though i have the hottest girl on my arms.

My eyes don’t leave hers.

She knows and she has the smirk to prove it.

I slapped her.

She had no right to be on his arms like that.

That space is solely reserved for me.

God, why won’t he just man up and grovel.

Oh, she’s going to prom with him.


He won’t even know what hit him.

When i beat his face in.

I knew it.

He was jealous.

My ex-date has the black eye to prove it.

I knew it all along.

She’s mine.

And she’s doing that smile thing again.

Seriously, i hate it.

I whisper in her ear.

I only smile more.

Pull him closer to me.

As we dance.

Yeah, this is ‘our’ new song.


2 thoughts on “At Odds

    • Hahahahaha
      I have no relation with this. Was writing something else, but then somehow got diverted here. This is what came out from it.

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