Things I Will Never Tell You #1

In which I write. Get the truth off my chest. Voice out the words I wish I could say to your face.


To not say a word. I have decided that indifference should be the order of the day with you. I always voiced my opinions to you, something I was never afraid to before, but now I feel I can’t. That I shouldn’t.

I hate walking into school and being ignored by you. So, I won’t say a thing.
But I am proud and I won’t take the first step either.

I do not like the people you hang out with. Period. Nothing more, nothing less.
My head spins like a never ending carousel. A kaleidoscope that makes me dizzy. The colours are nauseating.

Apparently, you’re going through some ‘shit’ in life. Let me ask you this, did I claim my ears were closed off to you? I always thought of myself to be a good listener. Guess, it doesn’t mean much if you won’t share your problems with me.

Make your move tomorrow. Take the agonizingly slow steps towards me. Embrace me in your hugs and whisper that you missed me. And I will squeeze harder and scream i missed you too.



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