I welcome Drama like an old friend into my life. She calls and i answer. And we catch up. Just like that, the time spent apart seems insignificant and it’s like old times again.

That facade doesn’t last for long. She sashays around like she owns my life. A flick here. And a flick there. Bada boom. Drama is back.

She keeps me on the edge of my seat. On the tip of my toes. Scared. Always expecting something right around the corner. And then i find myself praying that she leaves. Takes the next flight into someone else’s life.

Drama is the hurricane that swept Dorothy away and landed her into a completely new land. Only, she doesn’t do that to me. Nope. Expect the unexpected and she’ll just create destruction after destruction. My life is uprooted. And i can’t seem to stick the roots back into the ground. Until she leaves, of course. Only for her to call again and me to be chipper about her arrival.

I leave post its around the house. Bedside. Tv. Laptop. Books. Bathroom. Kitchen. Don’t let her in! Don’t! But somehow they all seem to vanish. Into thin air. And i don’t remember the words imprinted into the back of my mind. They seem to leave the second i see the caller id and recognise the name…Drama calling.

My fingers itch everytime to pick up her call. “Hey baby! Long time no see! How about i show up tomorrow?”

“YES! Please do! I miss you!” Someone should tape my mouth. Smack me hard and replay every single memory i have of Drama. And that reel will go on till the end of time. ‘Remember that time when she… or that time when… plus that day…’

Yes. I get it. The list goes on and on. And then people ask me, “Why do you care so much? Let her go. So she can terrorize other people.” Well, dear people…I don’t quite understand my attraction to her either. Or maybe i’m just stupid. For falling for her more than chirpy voice that rings like a siren’s melody in my ears, trapping me towards my own doom.

She’s calling again. Excuse me while i go flush my phone.



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