I Forgive You…


Dear Me,

I forgive you. For what it’s worth.

I forgive you for hiding behind written words. Because that is the only place where you can be honest. About yourself and everyone else. Fearing the power they hold.

I forgive you for making the wrong choices and leaping before looking. I forgive you for hurting those around with unintentional unkind words. I forgive you.

I forgive you for looking the other way. And for not letting your voice be heard. I forgive you for being insensitive and hiding behind a façade.

I forgive you for closing of your heart. And taking cautionary steps towards friendships. I forgive you for keeping it all in when there was so much to be said.

Tomorrow, I’ll forgive you some more.

I will forgive you for the wrong decisions. So, that you can learn and think a hundred times before making them again. Only you will make them again. And I will forgive you again.

I will forgive you for tearing off the heart on your sleeve and shoving it in your freezer. Preserving it for a warm day. When in reality, you need it now more than ever. I will forgive the tinge of red that colours your cheeks when you become shy and cower in your cocoon. Keeping everyone at arm’s length. ‘Beware of the girl who is too scared to open up.’

I will forgive you for always wanting to run away. Because it seems easier.

I will forgive you.

Love, Me


10 thoughts on “I Forgive You…

  1. My God, Sana! This is profound! I love how beautifully honest this feels. How the lines break and cut deep as they end. I am in love with this piece. I hope, should it be personal, that it helped you in some way to pen this.
    Bravo on a remarkable piece of prose. ♥

  2. Sana … thank you so much for giving all of us that need to learn that we first must forgive “us” before forgiveness of anyone else can happen. Beautiful and poignant … you are brave and gracious!

  3. This is beautifully written and the thought is even more beautiful…..If only we could all be that way. Spread this around and who knows…..the idea could catch on. Forgiveness is probably the most difficult thing to give…….Only the most generous can do it….

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