Dandelion Season


A broken friendship is the worst because all you’re left with are memories that play in constant replay in your head. And you can’t stop yourself from dissecting the very scene where everything went wrong and why exactly you allowed for it to steer in that direction.

My mother has a ritual of sorts, right before she travels she makes it a point to call up close family and friends to apologize. I never asked her why she does it but for some reason I’ve silently accepted it and understood the meaning behind it. It’s unspoken but so right.

Words, I’ve often found come in abundance when written down but stop in flow when you want to voice them out to someone. Somewhere along the way I think the heart and the mind battle it out regarding what to say and you’re left fidgeting wondering the ‘just right’ words.

My heart is a vessel of words unspoken that I wish I had said but never found the courage to. It’s when you sat right in front of me and my mouth opened but nothing came out. It’s when my mind made sense of what to say and just took too long deciding until it was too late. It’s when I wanted to press the call button so bad but I feared the awkward silence and having nothing to fill the void. It’s when I cried myself to sleep and never explained my tears. It’s when I wanted to make peace between you and her, but somehow feared the outcomes and repercussions.

Do you know who’s become my best friend over the years of compiling unspoken words? ‘What If.’

“And only when that happens do you realise just how much silence there really is. Silence between lovers, when something really needs to be said; silence from a parent when a child needs some word more than anything else in the world; silences and in betweens and everything which isn’t an answer.”
Michael Marshall Smith, Spares

I’m calling it ‘dandelion season’. There, I said it. It’s easier to wish upon a dandelion and let the wind carry it away rather than make it come true ourselves. I know the fear makes me shake and I know it makes you shake. I know that the superficial layer is comfortable but it’s like a duvet that doesn’t do its job and leaves you cold and miserable throughout the winter night.

We pick dandelions and consider them our anchor. Every time we have difficulty saying something, we blow one away till the seeds are no longer visible and we can sigh with relief knowing that we’ve wished and that’s all we could have ever done in the first place.


3 thoughts on “Dandelion Season

  1. I don’t know, but this played out in my mind like a movie. I could see it all. A young girl walking a lonely road and her voice narrating overhead. It is so lovely. 🙂

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