My bones weep tears

They creak like dehydrated doors

I drown in puddles

Of my own misery

And welcome sorrow

Like an old friend

They say I have not experienced real pain yet.

Does pain really have a set definition?

When I break

I crash

Into pieces

Further shattered

No way of getting back together

Of becoming one again

When I hear of pain

I try to imagine

Being inflicted with it



I’d call it empathy

There are moments in this vast world that I would like to consider to be great.

Where everyone comes together and puts aside differences.

In adversity

You find loneliness

And strength in numbers

White, black, brown, yellow

Hands from every side

Ready to catch you when you fall

There is ferocity

And hunger

In those who stand shoulder to shoulder

Fight for what they believe in

And in that moment

I swear they couldn’t break us

Our tears are laced with sweat and passion, brimming with anger which aids our fight.

I’d like to think that they fear it which is why they attack at our knees, hoping to throw us off.

Maybe we were meant to be

Each others saving grace

So that when one hand falters

Another is there to support and carry

The burden

Of humanity