Dear Friend, We Lost


Want to know the truth?

We are the fading ink on

Old, yellowing, wrinkled paper.

The empty pen that needs to be disposed.

We are the morning breeze;

Cool and refreshing,

Only to get a taste of the scorching sun

And become warm.

Our reality only exists because of

A few powerful, unforgettable memories.

And I have come to learn that

Sometimes we just need the flame

To flicker one last time and finally die down.

Because we are tired of the heat that burns us

Every time we cup our hands to preserve it.

And like a light bulb on the verge of becoming useless

Fighting in those last moments

For a little more time

We know in the end another will take its place

That bulb, tossed away

Will be the only proof of our existence.

I had hoped our bonds would be

Eternal and forever lasting;

Strong against the hurricanes

Threatening to destroy us

And the envious looks that

Silently jinx our very structure.

But I think they’ve succeeded

And we’ve started disintegrating

From the inside.

Cracks in the foundation became visible to all,

But we are blind.

Small arguments became full blown fights

And silence became

Our companion on those rough nights.

Our hearts ached for each other’s company,

But our egos stood in the way.

Here, I thought we could withstand

The broad chested wolf with burning lungs, ready to exhale his destructive breath upon us.

Build a house of bricks that

Stood strong against every blow.

Only our house, I found, consisted of straw.

And we were vulnerable from the start.

Dear Friend, we lost.