We are born to the sounds of sirens and gunshots

And volition we covet

We learn sects and religions

Before we learn to spell the word Peace

Wealth and power

Have become the endgame – no care for casualties along the way

Never mind those who preach false

And support the bookkeeping of life

Our skins house indifference

Welcome to the land of ‘let them die lest they be us’

Let me show you our beautiful Arabian Sea

Blood flows here regularly


I think we all …

I think we all like to be told from time to time, that we were born for something great. That our mere existence complies of small achievements that will lead to something beautiful. Something to be proud of. But sometimes we overlook our great achievement and only realise when it’s too late. That the air […]

Sun and Moon

Sun Moon Stars

“I want my life to be like the sun and the moon,”
She whispered

Wake at dawn
Overlooking the expanse of the world
Solis will wipe the sleep from their eyes
Turn water to gold, every fool’s dream
And bathe the living in warmth

“I’m dying down
only to be born again,”

Serenity will glow from above
Everything the light touches is ours
and Luna will guide you home
Let it dress you in sheets of silver
Kissing slumber into your eyes

“I will be your sun and I will be your moon.”