It Never Should Have Happened.

It never should have happened. None of it should have happened.

The agreement. The meeting. The contract.

They should have never met. She should have never interfered. We should have never tried to change the course of life.

What was to take place, had to take place. The fact that we even knew our future was a crime on its own. But then we had to go about and change it as well. It not only lead to the death of us but to the death of all.

How could such a monstrosity have been created? Why must man try to find answers? Why must he try to challenge everything? Why must he make sure that life is his to control and his to make?

When they came to shut us down, it was like the world shook beneath us. A strange sort of frenzy entered my body. My eyes searched for loop holes. For gaps. For anything that could save my life. But I knew. Because I was a part of this. Because I was among the creators I would not be spared. They were just a few steps away from us. Only a thin piece of wood separating us. One I was sure would fall to its doom when it made contact with their burly bodies.

What I didn’t expect was for him to hand me everything. Everything. I thought he was going to leave. That his eyes had found a way out that mine did not notice. I think he saw the fear in my eyes to which he put his finger to his lips and pushed me to the back of the room. When my body made contact with the cold metal, I knew. I tried to make it back to him. But it was too late.

He had already pushed the button. And then I could see him no more.


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