Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav


Some books tend to stay with you in the most beautiful way and when you flip that last page, your heart is content, you are content and that sigh that has been resting on your lips finally escapes.

It took me longer than usual to get my hands on this book and three whole days to finish its 155 pages. Not because I’m a slow reader or that I didn’t have time on my hands. I wanted to imprint every word into my mind.

Poetry continues to remain a favourite of mine and Lang Leav doesn’t fail to deliver carefully worded, bittersweet and soulful poems in her book. Love & Misadventure is divided into three parts and I read a part per day.

Part 1: Misadventure

The poems range from putting yourself out there, entering the dating world, opening up your heart to someone and giving it your all.

Part 2: The Circus of Sorrows

The falling out of love, moving on, heartbreak and all the intricacies that play out at the end of a relationship fill this section.

Part 3: Love

The last part simply leaves the reader with hope and that is exactly how the book ends.

Like love, Lang Leav has artfully placed the poems to depict a roller coaster that one expects to go on. From all its ups and downs there is something left to be expected from the poems. Every word makes a place in the heart of the reader which Leav has the ability to see into.

This book has officially become my go-to travel companion.



He’s always slept within my chest
And I swear he knows the symmetry of my lungs better than I
So how
Can you
I can’t remember the last time I never felt
Clawing at my insides
And I don’t remember when I didn’t feel the room closing in
Walls pulling in
Chest heaving
Like no marathon could ever accomplish
He steals all my oxygen
Taking two large hands
Wrapping them around my lungs
And pushing
Two lovers could never cover the distance to one another
The way my lungs do
Remind me
What it feels like to voice out opinions
Celebrate with strangers
Putting all insecurities aside
Tell me
Does your brain
Take the backseat
And let you drive
With no
Teach me
Into the dark
Allowing the eyes to adjust to the loneliness that is this life
Because it’s just easier to feel safer in the warmth of my own arms then to spread them for someone else
I know not how not to feel this way
And no amount of breathing exercises
Or the rhythm from
Can slow this erratic heart
I want the fun wrapped inside outgoing
And the hurt in opening up
I want the power to light up the room like no bulb ever possessed the courage to
And break away the barriers that cement themselves stronger everyday
These conversations lose eye contact
With voices so low and afraid
And hands shaking and bathing in the sweat of the unsure
This mind runs on fuel that never ends
Thoughts going a thousand miles per second
Analysis over analysis over analysis
I wish the crowds did not suffocate me
That public places did not scare me
And that the future does not eradicate me.