Credit: Tumblr

My skin is being peeled off my body and not in the sun-burnt kind of way.

Its sharp and every contact is excruciatingly painful.

This is why I will my eyes to open.

It takes them time to adjust.

Too bright. Too hot.


And then I know.

The cause of my misery.

I try my best to shield and swat.

But those damn birds are insistent.

And that is when I notice my surroundings.

Just like that I’m afraid to ask, “Where the hell am I?”

A dozen thoughts race through my head that make it spin.

I pinch my raw skin just to see if it were a dream but nothing changes.

Nowhere in sight do I see any semblance of life.

The sweat trickles down every part of my body and the saltiness too feels foreign. I try to rationalize and retrace my steps but just like that I have no steps to trace. No indication of a past life.

This place of scorching heat where every step felt like walking in a furnace. Where the wind did a poor job in cooling the air around and instead blew angry, hot gusts of dust in the face. This place so barren that no life could ever withstand it.


The birds are circling above me waiting for the moment that I fall and faint. Thanks for the vote of confidence.

I start considering the many possibilities. Could this be some kind of joke? Albeit it lacked any sense of humor. Revenge? But I couldn’t recall any enemies. Hell, I couldn’t recall anything. Reality TV? Get a kick out of watching other people suffer.

It’s not too long before the tears start falling and I’m a hysterical mess. Yeah, don’t put me in such situations. I fall to my knees and beat the ground in frustration.

Stop crying.

You need to preserve every ounce of water.

And just like that I stop.

Get up.


My body has a mind of its own.


To Seek Help Does Not Make You Weak, For It Makes You Strong Knowing There Is Something Wrong


Worry etched on her face

Lines prominently defined

Her eyes a reflection of her soul

No longer held any hope

Her smile that spoke a thousand words

Only spoke a syllable at a time

Now like a blue moon

Refused to show unless to hide

Her thoughts were a refuge

Could not offer her sanctity

There was one way out

To end everything

She wanted to let go

Fingertips reaching for others

Everything slipping from her grasp

Her final resort: help

She spoke

And breathed

Her worries and sorrows

Let it all out

A great burden lifted of her shoulder

They heard and quietly listened

Then spoke

Let her know

That she should start living for her own happiness

Find it in what she has

Others decisions were being forced onto her

And while that was hard, she COULD be happy!