Girl Against Girl

I’m so excited to be featured on So Worth Loving. I love what they stand for!


We talk of equality and yet we refuse to exercise it in our own homes.

Feminism is inked onto our skin and yet the female population is always on opposing sides.

Spreading of rumors and nasty words tend to leave lifelong scars.

What she didn’t realise was that her own friend would be the one to make stories.

And stories she made.

And people spread their hands out.

Ate every word that left her mouth.

And begged for more

Like population new to food.

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Was it really? No. Maybe. Fun at the expense of others? Is it really? Yes.

Confession pages took storm in many countries before my own. So, i was very much new to it. Still am because i could not quite grasp the concept of it. 


Why would you ever want to confess to complete strangers? Many of us trouble confessing to our own family and friends. ‘Oh, because it’s safe under the haze of anonymity.’ Well, yes that makes everything so much better.

In a world where bullying is a major problem. Where sticks and stones are nothing in comparison to words, do we really need another outlet to express our feelings? Or heaven forbid, confess our feelings about other individuals?

These confession pages are being used as another outlet to bully. And boy is bullying running amok. You think people won’t recognize who is being talked about? If you made the observation, then they did too. But is hurting someone’s feelings above you? It’s all innocent fun. Laughs and entertainment until someone close to you is affected. Or you.


It does come back to bite you. Trust me, it will eventually. Picking out someone’s flaws bit by bit is no quality that people like. ‘Oh, but we’re anonymous. No one knows.’ You know. Shouldn’t that be enough? Do you really feel that your words won’t hurt? That the bruises you inflict on a person’s soul. Character. Will go unnoticed? You peel away their skin when you speak. Leave it raw. So, that as it grows back it inflicts even more pain.

Many of you will argue that it gives a safe environment to voice out opinions and has a psychological effect that benefits us. No. Because in no way is that environment safe. I felt vulnerable even though i wasn’t talked about. There were some things that weren’t even funny. In fact, they were down right offensive and life threatening. You do not confess to random strangers. You confess in a safe environment. To a counselor. Therapist. Someone who won’t hold what you said against your head.To someone who values confidentiality. 

School confession pages are gossip. And yes, we belong to the ‘gossip girl’ culture. But since when has gossip become harmless? 

When my class had a discussion about this with our teacher, all the colour left my face. I felt it drain away. Goosebumps appeared on my skin. It had such a haunting effect on me that i was unable to think about anything else but that for the rest of the day. 


When you wake up in the morning. When you leave for work. Or go to a party. Do you want the price tag of your clothes showing? For everyone to pass judgement and point? It’ll happen. Because your past does catch up with you. It isn’t easy being called names. To be bullied, albeit for a short amount of time. Trust me.