Don’t tell me God doesn’t weep;
these fallen stars
Are witness
to tears shed
and your wish upon a shoot-ing star
remains in vain

Hopes and dreams and desires
you vacuum,
these stars
are nothing more than flecks
of dust, littered across the night sky
that you no longer recall

This velvet suffocates-
No fairy dust to light the way
each constellation
a hindrance in the philosophy
of existence-
we no longer wish
to understand.

Just Because I Don’t Go on a Social Media Date with God, Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have a Relationship

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Today life consists of falling in love 140 characters at a time and proposing through status updates. Your friends, popularity and likeness are measured through the number of likes and comments. Every aspect of your life is infiltrated by others and so, how could religion stay far behind.

Social media has always had its highs and its lows, and while it has worked to salvage misconceptions and ideals, it also has worked to create unnecessary fear and hate. Don’t tell me I’m going to Hell just because I scroll past the Holy picture that you’ve shared. Don’t promise me Heaven if I do continue the chain and share it. None of these outcomes were ever in your hands. And our piety cannot be measured this way.

Instead of being pious in the eyes of God, you work to appear pious in the eyes of the world. And then follows your innate need to flaunt this piety making others out to be sinners in your eyes. Religion should not be measured through the horn that you blare all over your timeline. The sheer volume of your voice does not constitute anything. This itch that you constantly feel to ‘save’ people only proves the kind of person that you are.

#Blessed has become more a part of our lives than the simple, private act of thanking God of bestowing His blessings upon us. Don’t recount your blessings by making it a public matter because it brings into question just exactly what you’re trying to prove and show to the world. Religion has never not been complicated and we’re all in the midst of learning, always will be learning. It’s hard enough loving yourself but when people make you out to be sinful, it becomes all the more difficult.

Religion has always been this beautiful, private relationship that we have with God. Don’t make it perverse by attaching multiple partners. The power lies in the silence of a voice that requires no sound. God ain’t your trophy wife to show off to the world.


There were moments in our life where we wanted to play God,
And we pressed flowers into books
Preserving, making the mortal immortal
Only to feel powerful in a world
That continued to take us apart,
One petal at a time.

Chasing Dreams for Dummies

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There is a belief that I stand by,
that there is something waiting at the end of the line.
All these tests and tribulations can’t be for nothing.
The belief that even though what appears to be the end of the road, shouldn’t be. I haven’t finished running this race, even though often enough my lungs give out and the air foreign to my tastes, but still. I want to stand firm in my belief that there is something else waiting for you.

The sea never stops lapping at the shore even though each time the pull is stronger, a reminder that the comfort it yearns for is always yanked from its fingertips. And yet, it keeps coming back like a lover that can never seem to understand the word ‘no’ because his heart is no longer his.

I want to believe that good things come to those who wait and that patience isn’t solely a virtue rather a gift that sets us apart from the rest because we refuse to give up knowing well that the milk will always come to boil.

I remember anxiety and hope. Complete opposites yet always together. The heart never forgot to crave the sun after the storm.

And I don’t want to believe that God forgot to set out an adventure for me. I refuse to believe that he didn’t plan for my greatness. And I pray that He still believes in me and has something wonderful in store for me. Something I could never even imagine for myself. Something that brings me pure joy. Something that leaves me successful and prospering in this life.

I’m starting to think the art of chasing dreams should come with a manual – ‘Chasing Dreams for Dummies’.

The World Through My Eyes


The sea looks so serene
In the dead of night
The road to infinity
Small bumps on the way
Gentle pushes
Swaying along the current
Till i can reach home

Blood curdling screams
My hands shake
Pool of blood at my feet
My bare toes curl under
Like the lipstick
I fumble to remove
It spreads

Wings flap above me
Pristine feathers
Wrap around me
Shielding me from the cold
Covering my eyes
Only fragments visible
Just enough
Not too much

His hands wrap around my torso
Fingers entwined
Woven together
Made into one
My sigh inescapable
Whispers on my forehead

My dream’s an abyss
Dark and bottomless
Like the velvet sky
At an eclipse
The sound’s louder
Hands reach out
And pull

Dust covered books
Pasts forgotten
Futures ruined
Presents famished
Chapter by chapter
One page torn at a time
God complex

They broke me
Made me indifferent
Scars visible
For the world to see
I share these with them all
They too are broken
In a world that chooses to exploit
Its way into our hearts

The day i met you
Smiles and dimples
Big blue eyes
Fascination infinite
Innocence second nature
Flowers tattooed on your skin
Glitter in your hair
Plump fingers reached out
Took ahold
But the fall was hard
Reality pushed and pulled
Finally the world was no longer perfect
The world through your eyes
Through my eyes
Was broken

To Seek Help Does Not Make You Weak, For It Makes You Strong Knowing There Is Something Wrong


Worry etched on her face

Lines prominently defined

Her eyes a reflection of her soul

No longer held any hope

Her smile that spoke a thousand words

Only spoke a syllable at a time

Now like a blue moon

Refused to show unless to hide

Her thoughts were a refuge

Could not offer her sanctity

There was one way out

To end everything

She wanted to let go

Fingertips reaching for others

Everything slipping from her grasp

Her final resort: help

She spoke

And breathed

Her worries and sorrows

Let it all out

A great burden lifted of her shoulder

They heard and quietly listened

Then spoke

Let her know

That she should start living for her own happiness

Find it in what she has

Others decisions were being forced onto her

And while that was hard, she COULD be happy!