Just Because I Don’t Go on a Social Media Date with God, Doesn’t Mean We Don’t Have a Relationship

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Today life consists of falling in love 140 characters at a time and proposing through status updates. Your friends, popularity and likeness are measured through the number of likes and comments. Every aspect of your life is infiltrated by others and so, how could religion stay far behind.

Social media has always had its highs and its lows, and while it has worked to salvage misconceptions and ideals, it also has worked to create unnecessary fear and hate. Don’t tell me I’m going to Hell just because I scroll past the Holy picture that you’ve shared. Don’t promise me Heaven if I do continue the chain and share it. None of these outcomes were ever in your hands. And our piety cannot be measured this way.

Instead of being pious in the eyes of God, you work to appear pious in the eyes of the world. And then follows your innate need to flaunt this piety making others out to be sinners in your eyes. Religion should not be measured through the horn that you blare all over your timeline. The sheer volume of your voice does not constitute anything. This itch that you constantly feel to ‘save’ people only proves the kind of person that you are.

#Blessed has become more a part of our lives than the simple, private act of thanking God of bestowing His blessings upon us. Don’t recount your blessings by making it a public matter because it brings into question just exactly what you’re trying to prove and show to the world. Religion has never not been complicated and we’re all in the midst of learning, always will be learning. It’s hard enough loving yourself but when people make you out to be sinful, it becomes all the more difficult.

Religion has always been this beautiful, private relationship that we have with God. Don’t make it perverse by attaching multiple partners. The power lies in the silence of a voice that requires no sound. God ain’t your trophy wife to show off to the world.



When I wake tomorrow

I won’t remember

The way you smiled

At the sight of me

Or the sound of your laughter

When I stumbled

With two left feet

But I want to remember

The way your hands felt in mine

Perfectly entwined

Cold and warm

Fire and ice

Drawn to each other

No matter what

The smell of soap and you

Lingers with me


For how long?

Before I start to forget

How warm your hugs felt

Against the cool sea breeze

What about the sand between my toes?

Or the sprays of salty water on my face?

Your kiss was sweet

Like raspberries, blueberries, blackberries

Like succulent strawberries

With every bite

Juice escaped my mouth and flowed down my chin

When we danced

To our own melody

And our own moves

I never want to forget

How in synch we were

And our bodies fit perfectly

Without fault

And all I wanted was to be closer

And all you wanted to be was closer

Under the pinpricks we called dreams

That lit the night sky

We pointed out our fears

In whispers

Only for our hearts to hear

And I remember

How your breathing leveled

And I tried to match every movement




Till I was sure we were breathing the same air

And as the sun peaks through the clouds

I squint

Try and shield my eyes

I don’t want to forget

What I wasn’t supposed to forget

Yet here I am alone

Wondering what I was supposed to remember

Love & Misadventure by Lang Leav


Some books tend to stay with you in the most beautiful way and when you flip that last page, your heart is content, you are content and that sigh that has been resting on your lips finally escapes.

It took me longer than usual to get my hands on this book and three whole days to finish its 155 pages. Not because I’m a slow reader or that I didn’t have time on my hands. I wanted to imprint every word into my mind.

Poetry continues to remain a favourite of mine and Lang Leav doesn’t fail to deliver carefully worded, bittersweet and soulful poems in her book. Love & Misadventure is divided into three parts and I read a part per day.

Part 1: Misadventure

The poems range from putting yourself out there, entering the dating world, opening up your heart to someone and giving it your all.

Part 2: The Circus of Sorrows

The falling out of love, moving on, heartbreak and all the intricacies that play out at the end of a relationship fill this section.

Part 3: Love

The last part simply leaves the reader with hope and that is exactly how the book ends.

Like love, Lang Leav has artfully placed the poems to depict a roller coaster that one expects to go on. From all its ups and downs there is something left to be expected from the poems. Every word makes a place in the heart of the reader which Leav has the ability to see into.

This book has officially become my go-to travel companion.


I’ll Be Waiting…


The foyer remains well illuminated through the approaching night, almost welcoming. Yet, the windows have curtains and blinds drawn, glimpse into life not allowed. The apartment building appears well maintained while the creepers are ethereal; one wrong touch and they could all tumble down.

I see a fortress guarded well, behind gated borders and a force field that protects its foundation; a building that nature itself has taken upon itself to look after.

Remember when you said that we would buy an apartment adorned much like this one, so that our love would always remain protected against those trying to penetrate our fortress. You made me believe in a fairytale surrounded by skyscrapers and tall buildings, where we had a place of our own to create our own happy ending. You made me believe in our own happily ever after in the city, among the cars, buses, noise and people.

Now I wait on these very steps, each and every day, day and night so that you may come, whisk me away through the door of our castle. And when you hand me the key to our very own forever, I’ll clutch it to my heart so that every time you put it close to your ears the only thing you hear is the sound of my heartbeat every time I’m near you.

Our kiss will open the door wide so that without the other we may never find a way home and even if Ali Baba feels tempted, he may never get a hold of our treasures. Because I know, the city is littered with broken hearts and aching hearts and stitched-up hearts that will look to us in disdain. I want to give them hope so that they may love again and those who want nothing more than to see our downfall, let’s promise to always keep them at a distance. So that our happiness, our sorrows, our lives remain unaffected by their actions.

But these creepers grow denser and you take three steps back every time you take one step forward. All the dreams we saw together, the future we imagined now rests between us except you keep moving further away.

I still believe, even if I appear pitiful but these steps are where you’ll find me. Because I tasted our happily ever after and now I find myself an addict, for even your simplest touch can make me relapse. I’ll warm these steps for your return and I know the city is big and hearts are littered all over the sidewalk but mine has always rested near this foyer. Let its light guide you back to me and let my love beat its song once more.

You told me it was fleeting like a bird thrown out of its nest before it has a chance to spread its wings and in that moment of freefall it has a decision to make and if it chooses to flap and flap and flap then even the sun learns to clap for it. I hoped that somehow you would learn to fly but the step towards the fall was not a risk you wanted to take.

And on this journey I learned self-love while you missed the intersection along the way which is why I ask you to shut off Siri and listen to my voice drone out directions.

Put on your running shoes, place them on tight and take a left from your broken thoughts, the first right will lead you back there so ignore it. Take the second right, the street will be titled ‘Self-Love’ take small, steady steps till you reach the second left. The street is ‘Wishing Arbor’ where the people scream their wishes to the sky. I want you to scream it out, so that even you know what you want. Keep going straight till you reach the bridge, cross it with the expectation that when you reach the other side you’ll give it your all. When you’re on the other side…you’ll know where to find me.

I’ll be waiting. I’ll always be waiting.

Girl Against Girl

I’m so excited to be featured on So Worth Loving. I love what they stand for!


We talk of equality and yet we refuse to exercise it in our own homes.

Feminism is inked onto our skin and yet the female population is always on opposing sides.

Spreading of rumors and nasty words tend to leave lifelong scars.

What she didn’t realise was that her own friend would be the one to make stories.

And stories she made.

And people spread their hands out.

Ate every word that left her mouth.

And begged for more

Like population new to food.

To read further…http://blog.soworthloving.com/girl-against-girl/

I belong among the trees


I belong among the trees
Wild wind in my face
One with the earth

Weaves in my hair
My fingers can’t work out

The soil between my toes
Nose towards the sky
The smell of pine
Fills me up

White summer dress
Frayed at the edges
Kissed by grass
Blessed by the sun

Body sways
In a rain dance
Twirls and skips
Over rocks

A house in the trees
Vases filled with an assortment of
Wild and free
Never let me go

I Forgive You…


Dear Me,

I forgive you. For what it’s worth.

I forgive you for hiding behind written words. Because that is the only place where you can be honest. About yourself and everyone else. Fearing the power they hold.

I forgive you for making the wrong choices and leaping before looking. I forgive you for hurting those around with unintentional unkind words. I forgive you.

I forgive you for looking the other way. And for not letting your voice be heard. I forgive you for being insensitive and hiding behind a façade.

I forgive you for closing of your heart. And taking cautionary steps towards friendships. I forgive you for keeping it all in when there was so much to be said.

Tomorrow, I’ll forgive you some more.

I will forgive you for the wrong decisions. So, that you can learn and think a hundred times before making them again. Only you will make them again. And I will forgive you again.

I will forgive you for tearing off the heart on your sleeve and shoving it in your freezer. Preserving it for a warm day. When in reality, you need it now more than ever. I will forgive the tinge of red that colours your cheeks when you become shy and cower in your cocoon. Keeping everyone at arm’s length. ‘Beware of the girl who is too scared to open up.’

I will forgive you for always wanting to run away. Because it seems easier.

I will forgive you.

Love, Me